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Kevin Corre

A PhD Student in computer science, working on Trust Models for Real-time Communication Systems.

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I am a PhD. student at the University of Rennes 1. Since October 2014, I am working at Orange Labs in the Identity and Trust Architecture research team and at INRIA/IRISA in the Diverse Team. My Thesis supervisors are Olivier Barais and Gerson Sunye.

Previously, from 2012 to 2014, I worked as an engineer at INRIA Rennes to develop PLASMA Lab, a statistical model checker.

I graduated from Master Degree in Computer Science from the University of Orleans in 2012.

I will defend my PhD Thesis around October 2017. If you are looking for a Computer Scientist, I'm looking for a job!


Currently my topics of interest are related to Identity Management in the Web context and more particularly with the use case of WebRTC in mind.

I am building a Trust Models for Real-Time Communications Services, i.e. WebRTC. The novelty of WebRTC is that the authentication of the call party is decoupled from the signaling process. Identity Providers (IdP) are introduced in the loop. The explicit authentication of the other peer is an interesting paradigm to solve issue we have in the legacy telco services. But it also has drawbacks in terms of choice of IdPs and privacy. Ultimately, is it possible to use an untrusted communication services if we trust the IdPs?

Meanwhile, the W3C is working on adding new functionalities and responsibilities to Web browsers. Several new Web APIs require the browser to manage user authorization grant to Web origin. Identity management could be one of these new functions. Figuring out how existing Web identity protocols such as Oauth2 and OIDC could be used through a Web API is another interesting topics which poses new questions.



  • Why Users Cannot Choose Their Identity Providers On The Web?, K. Corre, O. Barais, G. Sunyé, J. Crom, V. Frey.
    In PoPETS, the Third Issue of the Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, Minneapolis, USA, 2017 -- Accepted for publication

  • A WebRTC Extension to Allow Identity Negotiation at Runtime, K. Corre, S. Bécot, O. Barais, G. Sunyé.
    In ICWE 2017, 17th International Conference on Web Engineering, Rome, Italy, 2017


  • Procédé de gestion de l'authentification d'un client dans un système informatique, K. Corre, V. Frey.
    Brevet WO2017006013 A1


The best way to see what I'm working on is to head over Github.

  • WebConnect a Firefox Web Extension for browser based identity management, based on WebRTC and JWT.
  • ACOR_SDP a WebRTC service that allows identity parameter negotiation through SDP messages.

I contributed to the reThink european project.

Previously I worked on PLASMA Lab, a statistical model-checking tool. Besides implementing PLASMA Lab's GUI and the algorithms produced by the team, I developed distributed versions of these algorithms and an interface with Simulink.



Address: Campus universitaire de Beaulieu
263 Avenue du General Leclerc - Bat 12
35042 RENNES Cedex - France
Office F213
Email: kevin.corre@irisa.fr

@Orange Labs

Address: 4 Rue du Clos Courtel
35510 CESSON SEVIGNE - France
Office CAL112
Email: kevin1.corre@orange.com
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